Item: Lt-rt. WH10-21,22,23

Woof & Poof Halloween Cat Family

Presenting the Woof & Poof Halloween Cat Family all decked out in orange velvet and Cheetah top on Mrs. Cat.  Black net skirts for the girls and suspenders for Mr. Cat.  Mr. & Mrs. Cat are musical and play "Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat."  There so great looking as a Halloween decoration for your home decor or all year long.  Cat lovers will love this gift.

Price: WH10-21 is $35.00, WH10-22 is$50.00; WH10-23 is $60.00

Shipping:  Priority Mail USA:  $8.00-$12.00

California Residents Add Sales Tax of: $35.00 is $ 3.06, $50.00 is $4.38, $60.00 is $5.25

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