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Item: Lt. WH10-03, WH10-04 (Rt.)


Woof & Poof Halloween Musical Witches

Everyone loves these Woof & Poof Halloween musical Witches dressed in black velvet with a ruffled ribbon and cheetah trim while our other Witch has a black circle  top and black skirt. Both Halloween Witches are musical and play "Ding dong the Witch is Dead." They make great decorations for your Halloween home decor and perfect gift for Witch lovers.

 Price:  WH10-03 is $45.00, WH10-04 is $50.00

Shipping:  Priority Mail USA:  $8.00-$10.00

California Residents Add Sales Tax of: $45.00 is $3.94; $50.00 is $4.38 

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